Binghamton All-Star Players

November 4, 2022

4 Binghamton players have made the STYFC All-Star team.

5th & 6th Grade 

Nash White #22 – A true leader for his team during the regular season. After having a very successful season on the defensive side of the ball, he impressed everyone as a Quarterback late in the season. Nash is a 6th grader who will be moving up to modified next year, and we wish him the best of luck.

Aviel Velez-Pica #55 – After a season ending injury last year, Aviel came back this year with something to prove. Most offensive players wanted to avoid being hit by him, as he was one of the strongest kids on the field.

3rd & 4th Grade

Jahkai Anderson #12 – In his first year playing football, Jahkai proved himself as one of the best athletes on the field every week. As the team’s quarterback, he lead in rushing yards and rushing TDs. Pre-snap, he made sure his team was in position to correctly run the play that was called.

Owen Levene #55 – As a lineman Owen was our unsung hero. Taking over as center mid-season, Owen came to practices early to work on snapping. He went three consecutive games in shotgun formation without causing a fumble from a bad snap. During games, he exceled at climbing to the secondary to block linebackers and create space for his running backs to gain big yards. 


The STYFC all-star game will be Sunday (11/6) at Susquehanna Valley HS. Chris Streno, President of SV Youth Football, will be livestreaming the game on their YouTube page. 5th & 6th grade will start at 2pm, 3rd & 4th Grade will start at 12pm.