Opening Day

Opening Day Ceremony


Join us for our 2nd Annual Opening Day Ceremony at MacArthur Park, April 22nd!


Players will get professional pictures, get their name announced, and be able to try out different vendors from our community!

Event Schedule

10:00 AM

Vendors start setting up:

Kettle Corn
Heres the twist
Amanda’s Beauty Zone
Downtown Danny’s

11:00 AM


Estimated Time* Cameraman 1 (Left Field) Cameraman 2 (Right Field)
11:00 AM Legacy Bay (10UB) Miller (9US)
11:15 AM Sanico (10UB) Hatala (12US)
11:30 AM Dick’s (10UB) Legacy Bay (12US)
11:45 AM Shea Demarco (10UB) Big Zuez (12UB)
12:00 PM Hatala (10UB) Miller (12UB)
12:15 PM Slavik (12UB) B&W (12UB)
12:30 PM Make Up Pics Make Up Pics








2 Texas Roadhouse gift certificates

2 Golf Certificates  

2 Hoffmans Car Wash

12:45 PM

Announce Raffle Winners

Rowdy Shows Up

Teams line up in the order below. From the firstbase dugout, out towards the sidewalk.

1:00 PM


Miller (9US)

Dick’s (10UB)

Hatala (10UB)

Shea Demarco (10UB)

LB (10UB)

Sanico (10UB)

KoC (12US)

LB (12US)

Big Zeuz (12UB)

Miller (12UB)

Slavik (12UB)

B&W (12UB)


1:30 PM

National Anthem (BHS Singer)

First Pitches


Did you know?

BYSA was established by a group of volunteers to help fund the City of Binghamton Youth Sports programs.

Want to volunteer for Opening Day?

We need help making sure this year is another success!

If you are interested in volunteering your time, reach out to use and we will tell you how you can help.


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